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Second-hand Traktor Kontrol DJ equipment

Listings of second-hand Traktor Kontrol (Native Instruments) DJ equipment at the best price on Sounds Market, the leading website for DJ sales in Spain. Whichever model of Traktor you are interested in (Traktor S4, Traktor S8, Traktor S2, Traktor Z1, X1…), you have reached the ideal platform to find it . At Sounds Market you can not only buy and sell second-hand Traktor equipment safely: we take care of shipping between individuals, paying special attention to its packaging (DJ controllers are fragile, do not let someone who is not specialized send yours!) and also to the transfer of software licenses (Serato, Virtual DJ, Traktor Pro 3…). If hundreds of people who have already bought or sold their second-hand Traktor DJ at Sounds Market rate us as the best second-hand buying and selling website, it must be for a reason!

Buy and sell used Native Instruments equipment

Native Instruments is a well-known music software and hardware manufacturer born in Berlin in 1996. Since then, they have been characterized by being at the forefront of technology with their various brands oriented mainly towards electronic music, such as Maschine (music production and groovebox), Absynth (software synthesizer), Guitar Rig (effects processor), Komplete Kontrol (midi keyboards for music producers) or Traktor (for DJs). Within Traktor we find a wide variety of products or models, the main ones are (some of them are no longer distributed, but can be found second-hand): DJ controllers with four channels: Traktor S8, Traktor S5, Traktor S4 and Traktor S3 Two-channel DJ controllers: Traktor S2 Other Traktor DJ gear: the compact Traktor X1, Z1 and F1 formats, or the Traktor Z2 mixer. All of this equipment is available or can be second-hand at any time at Sounds Market.

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