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Second-hand Maschine Mikro MK3 for sale

The Maschine Mk3 is probably the most affordable Maschine controller on the market. It stands out from previous models for its new interface with improved screens, which facilitates a more focused use on the instrument itself and not so much on the computer. Its new, smaller display allows for less information but more space for manual controls, which is very practical. While editing the more in-depth controls and parameters will need to be done from the PC software, the greater maneuverability through the manual controls allows the focus to be entirely on the controller when creating sounds and sequences, allowing the user to enjoy the process much more. The rest of the design is largely inherited from its big brothers, which is a guarantee of success. The revamped pads have a great feel and the tweaked configuration of the navigation buttons makes sequencing and organization much easier.

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The Maschine Mikro from Native Instruments is a controller especially recommended for those who appreciate an MPC-style tool that allows you to play percussion with your fingers in a simple way, rather than other controllers that are more about setting parameters in a more exhaustive way. If you're more of a percussionist than a sound engineer, the Maschine Mikro has everything you need. You can find the Maschine Mikro MK series of used Maschine controllers on Sounds Market, Europe's leading and most user-rated DJ equipment and instruments marketplace. Sounds Market is so highly valued by users thanks to the secure payment method between users, which avoids worries during the financial transaction, as well as the shipping system specialised in musical equipment and a customer service team that will solve any doubts that may arise. The second-hand market is a market in continuous growth, as it is a more sustainable and environmentally responsible consumption model and consumers are increasingly aware of this.

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