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Second-hand Traktor S4 for sale

If you want to buy a used Traktor S4 MK3, or a Traktor S4 MK2, you have arrived to the perfect website. Sounds Market is the specialized platform for buying and selling second-hand DJ equipment, with 100% secure and guaranteed payments and shipments, as well as the transfer of software licenses for Traktor S4 between seller and buyer . The Traktor S4 is one of the best-selling second-hand models on Sounds Market. The reason? It is a DJ Controller that sells for between €800 and €900 new, while second-hand costs much less. Also for its features: four channels, 16 touch-sensitive RGB pads, motorized jogwheels, Traktor Pro 3... It is without a doubt one of the star models of Native Instruments, along with other acclaimed controllers that also have four channels such as the Traktor S3 or the Traktor S8, or the S2, with two channels. It is also often compared to models from other brands, but which is better, a Traktor S4 or a Pioneer DJ DDJ SX? It is a good question that you have to be clear about before choosing one option or another.

Buy a used Traktor Kontrol S4 online

Buy a Traktor S4 MK3 (or previous versions) here, your payment will be totally secure and we will take care of sending it to your home with our specialized transport service. When you receive it, if something is not in order, we will refund your money. If you are going to sell your second-hand Native Instruments controller, we advise you not to do so anywhere other than Sounds Market. Why? Because Sounds Market is the only specialized platform for buying and selling DJ equipment between individuals, and in fact it is the second-hand platform best valued by its customers. To sell your S4 controller to the thousands of DJs in our community, you just have to upload your ad, it's free and very fast, and in a matter of minutes it will be published. Once it is, when they buy it from you, we will explain how to pack the Traktor for shipment and we will pick it up for you at your home: when the buyer receives it, we will pay you the money for the sale, without any kind of commission for medium, it's that simple!

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