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Bach Stradivarius trumpet pavilion 43* Corp.

In perfect functional condition. Assemble an ML pipe and a 43 star (light) Corporation bell. Manufactured in approximately 1977. The sound and tuning are very good, typical of Bach instruments of this era. The pistons and pumps run very smoothly and compression is good. Silver finish, which is in good condition, showing some light wear due to use. No hits. It may have some slight marks due to use. which in no way affects its perfect operation, tuning or sound. It is a comfortable and versatile trumpet with great sound projection. We offer financing. If you want more information, photos or to try it, contact us. You have a 1-week trial and a 1-year warranty. Free shipping. We do not deliver a mouthpiece with the instrument. International buyers consult shipping costs. Technical description • Silver Finish • B flat tuning (Bb) • Tudel 25 • Bell 43* (Light) • Drain Yes • Monel pistons • ML pipe 0.459" - 11.66mm • Clamping ring on first pump and third pump with stop function • Lightweight 4-13/16 (122.24 mm) brass one-piece hand-hammered bell. • Drain 1 key in general pump • Monel pistons with two points of metal guides • Stradivarius model • Light body and bell 180ML43*

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Edwards Gen II Bb Trumpet Like new In perfect condition, both aesthetic and functional. Preserves the silver in its entirety. It has no dents or repairs. The pistons and pumps run smoothly and compression is maximum. Perfect tuning and powerful sound characteristic of this brand. It is a very balanced trumpet. Completely removable. Bell 2K22 and Pipes D3 and D5. The trumpet has been reviewed and ready for sale. It is a comfortable and versatile instrument with great features. Loved type drains. We offer financing. If you want more information, photos, or try it, contact us. We do not deliver a mouthpiece with the instrument. You have a 1-week trial and a 1-year warranty. Free shipping. International buyers send an inquiry for shipping costs. ********* Technical description Edwards has achieved a construction with harmonic stability comparable to any fixed leadpipe instrument. ML Caliber - .459" Convenient and simple interchangeable leadpipe system. Delivered with: - D3 Pipe – Medium Large – controlled with full tone. Venturi 0.349” - D5 Pipe – Larger pipe, with free air passage and powerful sound. Venturi 0.354” The Edwards Reversible Leadpipe is not a traditional reverse reversible leadpipe installation nor is it intended to be. The space between the overall tuning pump and the leadpipe decreases allowing the instrument to become much more efficient in attack. With the intake tube entering the main tuning pump, the total air transitions have decreased. Now the air passages in the general pump from the pipe have reduced the turbulence of the air column, making them much more efficient. Convenient and simple interchangeable bell system. One piece handmade bell. Bells are available. 2K22 bell Standard weight 0.25” thick. Size ML (4 7/8" Flare) The metal used to construct the pistons is a combination of nickel and silver. This material is the most appropriate for the best attack results and sound quality. Edwards guarantees its cylinders for the entire life of the instrument.