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Bb Trombone Classic Cantabile MardiBrass ABS

New instrument, made of injected plastic (ABS). Durable and economical instrument with very good sound and tuning quality and a very light weight. Fiberglass rod and brass neck for a better sound. Available in a wide range of colors black, blue, red, purple. Research shows that non-metallic materials produce a more accurate pitch, the polymers it's made of aren't as susceptible to temperature changes so it's less susceptible to tuning changes. Highly recommended instruments for beginner students due to their reduced weight. Also to play in bands and brass bands on the street or go on a trip. Check availability of colors. We offer financing. If you want more photos, information or try them, contact us. You have 1 week trial and 1 year warranty. Free shipping. International buyers consult shipping costs. Technical characteristics • Tenor trombone in Bb • Made of ABS plastic material • Diameter: 12 mm, bell Ø: 195 mm. • Fiberglass rod • Drain key • Very resistant, includes mouthpiece and cleaning cloth • Black lightweight case with exterior pocket and backpack straps Attractive instrument that you would not hesitate to take with you, being able to leave your heavy metal instrument at home without losing sound, tuning or other features. The light weight of the MardiBrass Classic Cantabile trombone makes this piece a perfect instrument for student or busking. Those who believe that robustness and precision are contradictory properties are wrong. The strong plastic body and lightweight fiberglass slides make the Classic Cantabile MardiBrass a complete instrument. The insensitivity of the material makes it perfect to take with you anywhere. The trombone, made of ABS plastic, has no problem remaining resting on the sand while the musicians cool off in the sea and it supports humid climates without problems. Delivered in a lightweight black case. The case offers ideal protection and can also be easily carried over the shoulders or as a backpack with its detachable straps.

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