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BOSS RC-30 dual track LOOP STATION for rent

Wonderful effects loop, with dual independent stereo inputs Up to 3 hours in stereo XLR mic input phantom power 99 memories, 5 onboard effects And more... You can look up the reference on the internet.

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Manual Cash register batteries Cable Jack Jack + power cable

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MULTI-EFFECTS: Pitch, Chorus, Flange, Delay, Reverb
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MULTI-EFFECTS: Pitch, Chorus, Flange, Delay, Reverb Made in Japan processor with 8 types of combinable effects of great sound quality, which can be used interchangeably for guitars, basses, voices, keyboards or other instruments. Wide 1/2 Rack. Weight 1kg. Midi control to load presets, 100 preset and 50 memories. Mono input and stereo outputs with 1/4" jack. 2 output levels: -10dB and -20dB. Midi IN. Pedal input for bypass and another for delay taptempo, practical for guitarists. Despite being a digital technology module, it sounds closer to analog effects than to current digital processors. Yamaha implanted in these modules "natural sound emulator circuit boards" that at that time set the trend with pedals, thus preventing the effects from having a synthetic sound. EFFECTS (SINGLE): • Stereo Pitch: Stereo pitch shift with left and right channel pitches adjusted independently. • Triple Pitch: The triple pitch effect produces 3 independent “pitch shifted” notes in addition to the original note, making it possible to produce automatic quadruple harmonies. • Chorus: Provides a richer sound, similar to what 2 instruments could produce playing in unison, giving the sound more depth. • Flange: Provides a wide range of delay sounds, optimizing the signals, so that the instrument is given more body and a greater sustain to its sound. • Symphonic: Yamaha proprietary effect. This is an effect that produces a richer and more complex modulation than Chorus. This is a wide, sweeping effect that adds a sense of “scale” to the sound. • Delay: Stereo delays of all kinds (monaural, stereo with independent left and right channels, with 3 leads, echoes, etc…) • Early Reflection: Effect that isolates only the near reflection (ER) components of the reverb. This produces a brighter reverb effect. • Reverb: Reverberations that simulate the acoustics of all types of spaces: large, small,,, COMBINED EFFECTS: • Stereo Pitch + Reverb: Combines stereo pitch shift and Reverb in parallel. This means that the pitch shift is “dry” (not affected by the Reverb effect), while the reverb is applied only to the direct sound of the instrument. • Stereo Pitch to Reverb: In this combination the Pitch Shift and Reverb effects are connected in series. This means that the reverb effect is applied to both the pitch shift sound and the direct sound. • Symphonic + Reverb: The Symphonic and Reverb effects are combined in parallel, so that the Symphonic effect is “dry” (not affected by the Reverb effect), while the reverb is applied only to the Symphonic effect.