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B&S Challenger II 3137/2 Trumpet

The operation is perfect, pumps and pistons work smoothly and precisely, and the compression is very good. The bell is modified with two ferrules that focus the core of the sound, giving it stability and a dark and warm timbre. It is in very good cosmetic condition. It has no bumps, the bell and the mouthpiece receiver are unlacquered and have a raw brass finish, the rest of the instrument retains the original lacquer in good condition, it may show some wear due to use. We offer financing. If you want more information, photos, or want to try it, contact us. We offer 1 week trial and one year warranty. International buyers consult shipping costs. Technical description: Spectrum. professional Finish. Finishing RawBrass Neck: Standard 11.66mm (.459'') ML tubing. 122.24 mm (4 13/16'') bell made of one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass. Lead pipe in golden brass. Monel pistons (alloy of nickel, copper and steel), for greater durability and precision. Bell. form 37 Bell Weight: Standard Instrument Weight: Standard

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C Stomvi Master Titanium Trumpet
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C Stomvi Master Titanium Trumpet In perfect condition both aesthetically and for use. The pumps go smoothly and the pistons work with great precision, the compression of pumps and pistons is maximum. This model comes with two necks (1 and 3), two tuning elbows (23 and 25), and two bells (25 and 27). The trumpet has a great sound and very good tuning typical of a trumpet of this range. It has been lacquered combining silver and matt lacquer for sale, so its aesthetic condition is like new, with no blows. We do not deliver a mouthpiece with the instrument. We offer financing. If you want more information, photos, or want to try it, contact us. You have 1 week trial and 1 year warranty. Free shipping. International buyers consult shipping costs. www.onmusic.es Technical specifications. Pipe: L Bells: 25 and 27 silver body pistons. Monel Drains: General pump and 3 Tuning devices on pump 1 and 3. Tuning cubits: 23 and 25 Tudeles: 1 and 3 Titanium plug set The Stomvi Master Trumpet is the result of the evolution of the first product with which Stomvi began the adventure of building innovative instruments of the highest quality more than 30 years ago. Of course, the Master trumpet has evolved in these three decades and, far from withdrawing from the market, it has managed to create a modern instrument, with its own personality, characterized by its versatility, power and sound quality. It has a peripheral, deep and round sound; even in the forte, it always retains a healthy and rich return, full of harmonies and nuances. The Master trumpet comes with two bells, two necks and two tuning curves, each of which has its own numbering. With this design, the air circulates very smoothly, without any interruption, the emission is very precise and very close, the flexibility is perfect from the low register to the high register, ideal for all music that does not need to be played in an aggressive way, but with exact precision. The musician who acquires a Master trumpet gets an instrument that can be adapted to his needs thanks to the different elbows, necks and bells, and the possibility of choosing materials and alloys. The great and incomparable versatility of these trumpets allows the performer to introduce himself to different musical styles, modifying necks, tuning curves and bells according to his interpretative needs. Master trumpets are unique in concept and break away from stereotypes that make everyone sound the same. Thanks to the quality of the sound, the flexibility and the tuning, it becomes a complete instrument, especially suitable for chamber music, since acoustically it adapts very well to the rest of the instruments in a small ensemble.
Stomvi Titan Bb trumpet in perfect condition
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Stomvi Titan Bb trumpet in perfect condition It is in perfect conditions of use. Its operation is perfect, pumps and pistons work smoothly and precisely, and very good compression. Aesthetically it is well preserved. The silver is 95% complete with slight wear due to contact with the hands. It has no bumps, it may present some slight marks due to use. Round general pump that favors the fluid passage of air. Mount a 1 neck and a 25 Bellflex bell. We do not deliver a mouthpiece with the instrument. You have 1 week trial and 1 year warranty. free shipping We offer financing. If you want more information, photos, or want to try it, contact us. International buyers consult shipping costs. Technical description: These are flexible and open instruments with a frank response and a magnificent tuning that will make their way as interpreters easier. Like all Stomvi instruments, it is manufactured incorporating the highest technology into the traditional craftsmanship. Pipe: ML Bell: 25 Bellflex Neck: 1 General Pump: Square and round Set of nickel silver earplugs Finish: Silver bath of 1000 thousandths By combining the principles of acoustic science and decades of experience first and foremost, we have designed and developed instruments that are extremely comfortable to play. The use of high technology in harmony with traditional craftsmanship makes our trumpets very balanced in tuning, with a full sound, good timbre and maximum projection. The Stomvi Titán range of trumpets has a powerful, energetic, round but elegant sound, with great strength and density but at the same time subtle and balanced. It maintains color throughout the entire register and the articulation is fast, facilitating clear, crisp and precise attacks. Within the different models of Stomvi instruments, the Titán range is defined by developing a line based on tradition, characterized by the directionality and power of the sound, but in constant evolution. The Stomvi Titán is a versatile trumpet, ideal for playing in Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Popular Music, Classical and Jazz Soloist. Thanks to the accessories developed by the Stomvi research team, the Titán range of trumpets achieves a more peripheral sound and rich in nuances, expanding the resonance of the harmonics until achieving a plasticity that brings the trumpet closer to the colors of the flute, the oboe, and even the human voice.