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Eb/D Trumpet Bach Stradivarius 304 Corporation

Trumpet in perfect functional condition. It mounts a 304 Corporation hood. Manufactured in approximately 1972. Its operation is perfect. The pistons and pumps work very smoothly. The compression is maximum, the tuning is perfect. The sound of this brand and in this era. It has no bumps, marks, or repairs, lacquered finish, shows wear due to use. All pieces and parts are original to the instrument. Without a doubt, it is a magnificent trumpet with spectacular characteristics. We offer financing. If you want more information, photos or try it, contact us. You have 1 week trial and 1 year warranty. Free shipping. We do not deliver a mouthpiece with the instrument. International buyers consult shipping costs. Technical characteristics Tuning in Eb/D. Eb/D double overall pump set bell 304 0.401″ tubing One-piece, hand-hammered 4 5/8” bell in brass Classic French type flat edge Standard leadpipe in brass Monel Pistons Tuning ring on pump 1 and 3. Stradivarius Series lacquered Drain Yes

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(May show slight signs of use)
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