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Lacquered Miraphone piston trombone

In perfect aesthetic and functional condition. The pistons and pumps run smoothly and have very good compression. It has been cleaned, serviced and ready for sale. Good sound and tuning. Aesthetically, it is in good condition, with no dents, repairs or marks. Keeps the lacquer in good condition. It may have some small marks due to use. We offer financing. If you want to know anything else, photos, contact us. We do not deliver a mouthpiece with the instrument. You have a one-week trial and one year warranty. Free shipping. International buyers consult shipping costs. Technical characteristics. C tuning. Material. Brass 240 mm pavilion. Long model. Drain in general pump. Lacquered finish. Built-in lectern holder. With the development and production of brass instruments in Waldkraiburg, Miraphone continues the tradition, experience and mastery of our craftsmen that we inherited from our founders in Graslitz. In the field of instrument production, we strive to maintain our extremely high quality in the international market. These experienced craftsmen build top-quality instruments that fit the growing needs of musicians. Many of our artisans are passionate musicians. After being expelled from their homeland after World War II, 13 instrument makers from Graslitz founded the „Graslitz Instrument Making Craftsmen's Cooperative“ in Waldkraiburg in 1946. Miraphone has maintained the legal form of a Cooperative to this day. today, and is under the auspices of the „Bavarian Association of Cooperatives“. Many of the artisans are joint owners of the Cooperative.

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King 4B trombone in good condition Instrument in perfect condition of use. Pumps, transposer and rod move smoothly. The compression is perfect. Wide neck trombone with the tuning and sound typical of this brand. Aesthetically, it has no dents, although it may present some small marks and wear on the lacquer due to use, nothing that affects its perfect functioning. You have a one-week trial and 1 year warranty. Free shipping. We do not deliver mouthpiece. We offer financing. If you want more information, photos or to try it, contact us. International buyers send an inquiry for shipping costs. Technical description. • Pipe 13.89 mm – 0.547” • One-piece hand-hammered Ø 216mm (8 5/8") brass pavilion • Pink brass outer rods • Lacquered finish • Tuning. Bb/F The King 4B trombone has a classic large bell diameter symphonic trombone design. Due to this 13.89 bell diameter, it has a very open feel when playing and is best suited for the lower parts of a jazz band as well as symphonic performance. It has a transposer to widen the range of the instrument and help with those difficult “extended arm” passages. This is a very versatile model of trombone. The brass bell comes standard on this model to offer the player quick response and a warmer sound. King 4B Trombone Henderson White, founder of the HN White Company, started his business as the owner of a small repair shop in Cleveland, Ohio. With the help of Mr. Thomas King, a local trombonist, White developed his first trombone in 1894. This was seen in the market as a "revelation" to the music world thanks to its radically different bell and leadpipe designs, with shafts softer and lighter than any other trombone of the time. In 1909, the HN White Company developed an "Acoustical Research Department", with the goal of developing higher quality instruments. The company built saxophones and even horns. Upon White's death in 1940, control was assumed by Edna White, the first female executive in a male-dominated industry. Under her leadership the company flourished. Although instrument production stopped during World War II, Edna was able to secure two major government contracts making radar units and proximity fuzes that kept the factories running. On the way out...
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Conn Artist Symphony trombone (88H) in good condition. It is in perfect working condition. It has been reviewed and prepared for sale. The pumps and transposer operate smoothly and with good compression. The rod goes free without bumps or friction. The tuning is perfect and the sound is typical of this brand. Wide leadpipe trombone with red bell. Aesthetically it has no dents, it may have some marks due to use, nothing that affects its perfect functioning. Copper bell. We offer financing. If you want more information, photos, or want to try it, contact us. You have a one-week trial and 1 year warranty. Free shipping. We do not deliver mouthpiece. International buyers send an inquiry for shipping costs. Technical specifications • Artist Symphony model • Wide tubing of 13.89mm and 14.27 on the transposer • 216 mm rose copper goldbrass bell. • Heavy chrome rods with brass exterior • Lacquered finish The history of Conn trombones begins in 1875 with the vision and determination of Colonel C. G. Conn, who founded the band instrument manufacturing company in the small town of Elkahrt, Indiana. It quickly rose to popularity for its innovative designs and became the largest trombone producer in the United States, earning the reputation as "America's House of Trombones." Conn trombones are recognized for their unique color and timbre, as well as for being able to withstand the most extreme dynamics without breaking the sound. Hence, it is one of the most used professional symphonic trombones by trombonists around the world. The trombone C.G. Conn Artist comes with chrome rods that provide an ideal surface for fast and precise action. The pink copper used in the bell offers a sound with a wide resonance, deep and warm, accompanied by the subtlety conferred by the transparent lacquer finish. The Conn Artist is an ideal trombone for both soloists and symphonic sections.