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Lechgold FH 60GR RawBrass Flugelhorn NEW

Completely new instrument, so both its operation and its aesthetic condition are perfect. The pistons and pumps work smoothly and the compression is maximum. Very good tuning and sound. intermediate model. It is a highly compensated flugelhorn, with a powerful and sweet sound, comfortable and versatile. It has been revised and fine-tuned by our luthier prior to its sale. We offer financing. If you want more information, photos, or try it, contact us. You have 1 week trial and 1 year warranty. Free shipping. International buyers send an inquiry to find out the shipping costs. Technical description: Material: phosphor brass brass nozzle stainless steel pistons Nickel silver tuning pipes Bell diameter: Ø 152 mm Inner diameter: 11.2mm engraved bell Lever trigger mechanism on 3rd valve 3 drain keys Lightweight case with adjustable backpack straps and sheet music pocket, Weight: 1.3kg RawBrass finish, no lacquer Lechgold attaches great importance not only to reliability and traditional craftsmanship, but also to providing musicians with the best possible foundation right from the start for trouble-free enjoyment of this wind instrument. The instrument is inspected at the end of production by experienced personnel. It also includes a high-quality branded mouthpiece from Josef Klier, perfectly adapted to the instrument. The Lechgold FH-60GR offers a multifaceted sound with its untreated surface. For good intonation a tuning lever mechanism is used on the third valve. Seasoned wind players know how important a really good mouthpiece is. The perfect mouthpiece for this instrument was selected in collaboration with the family business Josef Klier, which has been in existence for over 100 years. The flugelhorn comes in a robust, lightweight case with a generous outer pocket, carrying handles and backpack straps.

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Yamaha 435T cylinder flugelhorn in good condition. In perfect working condition. All pumps come out smoothly. The cylinders run quickly and without friction and the compression is very good. It has been reviewed and prepared for sale. Aesthetically, it has no dents, repairs or marks. Has lacquer wear. It may have some small marks due to use, which in no way affects its operation, tuning or sound. It is an original flugelhorn, it has not been restored and all the parts are original. You have a 1-week trial and a one-year warranty. Free shipping. If you want more information, photos, or want to try it, contact us. International buyers consult shipping costs. Technical description The Yamaha YFH 435T Flugelhorn belongs to the semi-professional range of the Japanese house. It is the only cylinder flugelhorn offered by Yamaha. They are ideal instruments for conservatories, professional bands and advanced students. Widely used as a second instrument by Middle Grade / Higher Grade trumpet players. • Series: Semi-professional range. • Gold Lacquer Finish • 151.6mm brass bell. • 11mm MS caliber • Trigger system in the 3rd piston pump. • Drain cock in 1st and 3rd pump. • Cylinder system. • Case: Yes We must not forget that Yamaha is a leading brand in the wind sector, being one of the most demanded by bands, music schools, conservatories and concert performers. With many years of experience, the Japanese entity represents a very important role as a manufacturer of musical instruments, supplying hundreds of thousands of students and satisfying their needs during their learning.