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Roland PROMARS MRS-2 Compuphonic mono synthesizer

Pure analog synthesizer from the 70s and still working. The ROLAND MRS-2 PROMAR COMPUPHONIC is a monophonic duophonic synthesizer whose main feature is that it mixes up to two oscillators and also allows the addition of a sub-oscillator and noise. It is a collector's item since the electronics of this synthesizer are the basis of all Roland Jupiters of its time and its warm analog sound is unmistakable. There is a lot of information on the internet. Because it is delicate material, I would prefer to deliver by hand. If you want to see it, try it or buy it, I have it in Boadilla del Monte in Madrid. This model works at 220V.

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(May show slight signs of use)

Does it have any marks of use or damage?

It is impeccable.

What extras does it include?

Coverage cover.

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