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Yamaha 632 Bb Trumpet in perfect condition.

In perfect working condition. All pumps come out smoothly. The pistons work quickly, without friction and the compression is very good. It has been reviewed and prepared for sale. Aesthetically, it has no dents, repairs or marks. Lacquered finish. It may have some small marks due to use, which in no way affects its operation, tuning or sound. It is an original trumpet, all the parts are original. Model manufactured in the 1970s, it was Yamaha's professional range until the subsequent development of the 8 series. Predecessor of the current Bobby Shew 8310Z and 6310Z models. We offer financing. If you want more information, photos, or want to try it, contact us. You have a 1-week trial and a one-year warranty. Free shipping. We do not deliver mouthpiece. International buyers consult shipping costs. Technical description Bb tuning red brass bell red brass pipe M gauge: 11.3mm, 0.445") Bell 127mm, 5” Clear lacquer finish Corrosion resistant Monel pistons Direct pass reverb leadpipe Tuning rings on pump 1 and 3 The 632 models were built between 1968-1967 and were the precursors to the current Bobby Shew model (8310Z and 6310Z). Designed by R. Schilke with leadpipe and bell made of Red brass. It features the perfect amount of air resistance to allow you to color the sound, exactly the way you want. Perfectly rounded tubing results in less turbulence and smoother airflow, allowing for excellent versatility and reduced drag. We must not forget that Yamaha is a leading brand in the wind sector, being one of the most demanded by bands, music schools, conservatories and concert performers. With many years of experience, the Japanese entity represents a very important role as a manufacturer of musical instruments, supplying hundreds of thousands of students and satisfying their needs during their learning.

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Schagerl Roman Empire Bb Trumpet silver plated Trumpet in perfect condition, both aesthetic and functional. It has only been touched on a few occasions. The pistons and pumps run very smoothly. The compression is perfect. The sound and tuning of this brand. It has no dents. Silver finish that preserves 100%, without any wear. We offer financing. If you want more information, photos, or try it, contact us. Free shipping. You have a one-week trial and one year warranty. We do not deliver a mouthpiece with the instrument. International buyers consult shipping costs. Technical characteristics • Bell: 123 mm | 4.842'' Brass. • Brass thickness: 0.50 mm. • Pipe: ML 11.70 mm |.460''. • Pipeline: Copper. • Tuning. Bb • Pistons. Monel • Ring on the first and third piston pump. • Silver finish Developed in collaboration with Roman Rindberger (Mnozil Brass). He himself says about his instrument: "I am very happy to be able to present the "Roman Empire"; My Schagerl Signature trumpet! It was my wish to design an instrument that could meet all the expectations and challenges of my Mnozil Brass concerts. That meant : full flexibility in all registers, as well as the ability to use the full dynamic range in both directions.Our creative energies were released by the design and development of the new Schagerl valve systems, now made completely in-house at the Schagerl factory. "The focused, harmonic-rich sound offers every player a powerful spectrum, full of tonal possibilities. Making music has never been so fun and limitless!" - Roman Rindberger
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Edwards Gen II Bb Trumpet Like new In perfect condition, both aesthetic and functional. Preserves the silver in its entirety. It has no dents or repairs. The pistons and pumps run smoothly and compression is maximum. Perfect tuning and powerful sound characteristic of this brand. It is a very balanced trumpet. Completely removable. Bell 2K22 and Pipes D3 and D5. The trumpet has been reviewed and ready for sale. It is a comfortable and versatile instrument with great features. Loved type drains. We offer financing. If you want more information, photos, or try it, contact us. We do not deliver a mouthpiece with the instrument. You have a 1-week trial and a 1-year warranty. Free shipping. International buyers send an inquiry for shipping costs. ********* Technical description Edwards has achieved a construction with harmonic stability comparable to any fixed leadpipe instrument. ML Caliber - .459" Convenient and simple interchangeable leadpipe system. Delivered with: - D3 Pipe – Medium Large – controlled with full tone. Venturi 0.349” - D5 Pipe – Larger pipe, with free air passage and powerful sound. Venturi 0.354” The Edwards Reversible Leadpipe is not a traditional reverse reversible leadpipe installation nor is it intended to be. The space between the overall tuning pump and the leadpipe decreases allowing the instrument to become much more efficient in attack. With the intake tube entering the main tuning pump, the total air transitions have decreased. Now the air passages in the general pump from the pipe have reduced the turbulence of the air column, making them much more efficient. Convenient and simple interchangeable bell system. One piece handmade bell. Bells are available. 2K22 bell Standard weight 0.25” thick. Size ML (4 7/8" Flare) The metal used to construct the pistons is a combination of nickel and silver. This material is the most appropriate for the best attack results and sound quality. Edwards guarantees its cylinders for the entire life of the instrument.