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The Nord Stage 3 is a stage piano consisting of a keyboard with 88 weighted keys, 2GB storage and 120-voice polyphony, plus many other features such as creative piano filters, string resonance function... along with arpeggiator, powerful synthesizer and an oled display for program and synth sections. Because of all these features, and many more that we have left out, the Nord Stage 3 is positioned, as its name suggests, as a professional instrument, a stage piano, but at the same time also a very useful tool for the studio. As usual with the Swedish brand, this Clavia Nord is a very high quality, handmade instrument; it is not surprising, therefore, that its price is not within the reach of all budgets, as it is sold new for over 3,000 euros. That is why from Sounds Market we offer you the possibility to buy it much cheaper second hand, and in a totally safe way unlike any other buying and selling portal, because in Sounds Market once you buy it, we will send it to your home safely so you can try it and check it personally. As a seller, if you want to sell your used Nord Stage 3, post your ad now on Sounds Market in a matter of minutes, it's free, very easy and we don't charge any sales commission.

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Being the Nord Stage 2 an instrument of very high performance and quality, the clear winner in a comparison with the Nord Stage 3 would be the latter, both for the sound quality, the memory (2GB of the Stage 3 for 1 GB of the Stage 2), the polyphony (the variety of voices are 120 in the Stage 3, for the 54 of the Stage 2) and other available functions, such as the piano filters of the Stage 3 or the fact that the Nord Stage 3 can divide the keyboard in 4 zones, while the Nord Stage 2 allows to divide it in 3 zones. Whichever one you want to buy, they are two instruments of great quality of materials and sound, with an incredible variety of functions, so your decision will be the right one in any case. Remember that in Sounds Market you can buy your second-hand Nord Stage cheaper and in a totally safe way.

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