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Novation synthesizers have been achieving great sales successes in recent years and it is not by chance. The Bass Station 2 is another example of the incredible designs produced by the English brand. Right now the warm, thick and dirty sound of the Bass Station 2 is a reference in the synthesizer market. Based on the Bass Station, it incorporates two oscillators, a sub-oscillator for bass and a modulator for bass and timbre. The new model stands out for its even bigger, raging and versatile sound. The Bass Station II also has two types of analog filters, the classic multi-mode filter and a new acid filter, to generate a huge variety of sonic possibilities. This bass synth can sound both smooth and aggressive, you just have to learn to play with the filters and oscillators for a clean sound, or with the distortion in case you are looking for a coarser sound.

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The Novation Bass Station gives you the opportunity to generate incredibly complex sounds through its simple and intuitive controls. The popularity of this bass synth and its good reviews position it as one of the best synthesizers on the market. If you are looking for a powerful, quality and well-priced bass synthesizer, do not hesitate to look for the Novation Bass Station in our sale section. There you will have access to the best offers on second-hand instruments, a market that continues to grow thanks to the environmental awareness of consumers, who prefer to give a second life to an instrument that is in good condition to promote sustainable consumption and responsible with the ecosystem. At Sounds Market we are committed to caring for the environment and providing the best service to our community. For this we offer a completely secure payment method between individuals, which saves both buyers and sellers a lot of scares. The same with our specialized shipping system for musical instruments and DJ equipment. In case of any doubt, our team of experts will always be attentive to lend a hand and advise you for the best purchase.

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