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Second-hand Roland Juno for sale

Find on Sounds Market a second-hand Roland Juno synthesizer and buy it with our secure payment method and shipping without thinking twice; why? Because thanks to our secure payment and shipping method, we are the second-hand platform most trusted by musicians, producers and DJs who buy and sell second-hand in Spain every day. And not only this: Sounds Market is the second-hand platform best valued by its customers! When buying a second-hand Roland Juno 106, or any other variant such as the Roland Juno DS or Roland Juno DI, we will send it to your home safely, checking that the packaging is suitable for transport: do not trust! on other websites and sales apps that are not specialized like Sounds Market to send something so delicate and valuable! Once you receive it, you can test it calmly and make sure that everything is in order. If this is not the case, don't worry, because we can make a refund and you will get your money back. So easy and safe!

Buy used Roland Juno synthesizer online

Publish your listing now on Sounds Market (“Sell your gear” button) and, in a matter of a few minutes, your second-hand Roland Juno will be available to any musician and/or music producer who may be interested. When someone buys it from you, either through an offer that you accept or through a counter offer, we will take care of the shipping, advising you at all times to make the ideal packaging so that your Roland Juno does not suffer damage during the journey. We've shipped a lot of synths, so unlike other platforms, we know what we're dealing with and you can rest easy. We will come to pick it up at your home and just 48 hours after the buyer of your Roland Juno synthesizer has received it, we will deposit the money for the sale in your bank account, without charging you any commission.

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