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Taylor 114CE, Taylor 214CE and other models of acoustic guitars used Taylor Guitars on Sounds Market, the used guitar buying and selling community for guitarists. Sounds Market is rated as the safest and most trusted site by your customers, so if you want to buy a used Taylor guitar, do it here with complete security and peace of mind: we will ship the Taylor guitar to your home so you can try it out, and if it is not in the condition described by the seller, we will refund your money. As a seller, if you want to sell a used Taylor guitar, do it on Sounds Market, because you can post an ad in a matter of minutes, we will help you pack the guitar for shipping, and we will pay you the money for the sale of your guitar without charging you any commission.

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Like other brands such as Fender, Gibson or Martin, Taylor Guitars is a company born in the USA, but of more recent creation, since it was founded in 1974. Taylor currently manufactures guitars in California (USA) and in Mexico, being the guitars manufactured in Mexico more economically accessible, even though both factories are separated by less than 100km. Among its most popular models, the Taylor 114 CE stands out, a guitar that combines factors of classical and acoustic guitars (it has Nylon strings in an acoustic guitar body with single-cut), or the Taylor 214CE, one of the best sellers of the brand thanks to its magnificent relation between quality and price. The Taylor 114 and 214CE are affordable models, both costing less than 1.000€ new (much cheaper when bought second hand!), as well as the small Taylor GS Mini Koa, and there are other models, such as the spectacular Taylor 914CE that sells for more than 4.000€. Whatever Taylor guitar you want to buy or sell, don't hesitate and do it on Sounds Market, the specialized second hand website best rated by its customers.