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Arturia surprised the world of music production and electronic music in general with the introduction of the Arturia Microfreak in 2019, an innovative and daring digital synthesizer. The opinions of the Microfreak since its launch have been very good, since it is a synthesizer that both beginning producers and more experienced musicians like; in a compact format, it combines aspects of the digital world with the analog one thanks to its digital oscillator and analog filter, combined with the 7 oscillator modes (superwave, harmonic, wavetable, chords…). It also highlights its PCB keyboard; its still keys, but sensitive to pressure and velocity, and with aftertouch. In short, it is an ideal synthesizer to access a new palette of sounds, a versatile instrument that offers many possibilities, with a good value for money.

Used Arturia Microfreak synthesizer for sale

On Sounds Market you can buy the Arturia Microfreak with a discount of up to 100 euros compared to its new price. Why? Because at Sounds Market you buy it second-hand, but with the peace of mind and confidence that once you pay, we will have your money withheld until you receive the synthesizer and can try it out; If there is any inconvenience, you can request a refund of your money. In addition, we also take care from Sounds Market of managing transfers of software licenses and plugins if required, a field in which Arturia is very powerful. If you are thinking of renewing your equipment or giving your Arturia Microfreak a second life, don't think twice and publish it on Sounds Market: it's very simple and fast, free and we take care of managing the entire shipment... without charging you commission! for sale! For a reason Sounds Market is the second-hand page best valued by its customers: buy or sell your Arturia Microfreak, or any other second-hand synthesizer (be it analog, digital, monophonic, polyphonic... from Arturia or from any other brand such as Korg, Moog, Nord…) with us, the specialists second-hand for musicians, music producers and DJs.

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