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Are you looking for a professional 4-channel all-in-one DJ controller? Then you are probably looking for the Denon Prime 4, one of the best 4-channel DJ controllers alongside with the Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ. On Sounds Market, the specialized secondhand marketplace for DJ, you can find a Denon Prime 4 for sale at the lowest price, and you can buy it in a totally safe way thanks to our protected online and shipping method. If you buy a secondhand Denon controller on Sounds Market, once you’ve paid for it, we’ll send it to your place so you can check if everything is working properly according to the listing. If not, we’ll refund you! We not only offer a totally secure way to pay online, but we also take really seriously the packaging and the shipping, as we know that we are dealing with expensive and fragile material. This is why you should start using Sounds Market and stop buying and selling through other secondhand marketplaces, we are rated as the best one by our users!

Second hand DJ controller Denon Prime 4

The Denon Prime 4 is a compact version of a professional DJ cabin with two players and one 4-channel mixer. Is an all-in-one controller, so you don’t need a computer to use it, and you can easily navigate through its touch screen.

In comparison to the Pioneer XDJ XZ, the Prime 4 counts on four true cannels (as all of them can be used at the same time) and it has a more affordable price, so it’s a really interesting option for any DJ looking for a top-class DJ controller.

And you can buy it for a lowest price and without any concern on Sounds Market thanks to our secure payment and shipping method. Join now our community, thousands of DJ in Europe are already buying and selling through Sounds Market!

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