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Second-hand Kawai pianos

Used Kawai acoustic pianos and electronic pianos for sale on Sounds Market, the specialist site for buying and selling instruments between individuals. If you are thinking of buying or selling a Kawai piano, whether it is a digital, upright (or Kawai wall piano) or grand piano, do it on Sounds Market, the best rated second hand site by its customers. At Sounds Market we know the complexities of transporting a second hand piano, and also the insecurities that exist when making an online purchase between individuals. That is why we have a totally secure payment method for buyers and sellers, and at the same time we take care of finding the best possible supplier to ship the piano from the seller's home to the buyer's home. It is not until the buyer receives the Kawai piano he has bought at his home and checks that everything is correct that we will pay the seller the money for the sale. It's that easy and safe! Don't trust other platforms that are not used to ship pianos, and buy or sell your used Kawai on Sounds Market.

Used Kawai pianos for sale online

A digital piano is not the same as a digital grand piano, an acoustic grand piano is not the same as an acoustic upright piano, an acoustic grand piano is not the same as a digital piano. And Kawai makes pianos of all types, so like other piano brands such as Yamaha, also Japanese, Kawai has a wide variety and range of pianos for all tastes, levels and needs. If you want to buy a second hand Kawai digital piano, one of their most recognized models is the elegant KDP 110, although they also have more economical options such as the Kawai ES 110, both with a great touch quality thanks to its counterweighted keys. If you are interested in an upright piano, among its wide range we highlight the Kawai K 300, with a tonal quality capable of competing with grand pianos. Whatever piano you want, with Kawai you will be sure to get it right, as the quality of their pianos is unquestionable. Of course, thanks to Sounds Market, you can buy yours cheaper second hand, but with the tranquility of our intermediation and professionalism in the payment and shipping.