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Jackson - X Series Soloist SL1X - Pink Platinum

Jackson - X Series Soloist SL1X - Laurel Fingerboard - Platinum Pink A cutting-edge guitar, combining classic styling with modern materials and construction, the Jackson X Series Soloist™ SL1X is another bold step into the world of high-tech guitars. Elegantly contoured poplar body and Jackson through-body neck ensure ergonomic comfort during long performances, 24 jumbo fret. Graphite bracing across the maple neck, guarding against environmental adversities, while the laurel fingerboard With 12"-16" compound radius and bound binding it's designed from the ground up to facilitate chording and riffing close to the nut, as well as provide fast, fret-free leads as you move up the neck. Equipped with a select combination of Duncan Designed™ pickups; High-output HR-101 Hot Rails single-coil pickups in the middle and neck positions combine with a powerful HB-103B humbucking pickup in the bridge for complementary harmonics and a highly dynamic response. Five position selector and volume and tone controls. Easy-to-use recessed Floyd Rose® Special double-locking floating bridge system ensures your guitar accurately returns to its original tuning after every dive-bomb or harmonic squeal. Striking Platinum Pink finishes with white dot inlays, zebra-style pickup coils, Jackson's famous pointed headstock, and black hardware.

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(Excellent and without marks of use)

Does it have any marks of use or damage?

None. It has never been used. It was purchased but could not be used due to a hand injury.

What extras does it include?

Suede and cord.

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