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Peavey 6505 Plus, plus HB cabinet, booster and delay

I am selling or exchanging this piece of amplifier, cabinet, booster and delay, difficult to find and new, ideal for rock, metal, etc. An icon of amplifiers. I would like to change it for a Line 6 Helix, kemper, Quad cortex, etc... for professional reasons, since the amplifier works perfectly (it can be tested without any commitment). And in case of sale over €1,000 120 watts of power Six 12AX7 preamp tubes Four 6L6GC power amp tubes 2-Channel Rhythm and Lead Individual pre and post gain controls for rhythm and lead switchable impedance between 4/8/16 Ohm

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(May show slight signs of use)
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METRONOME CARD M-25 PICK BOY NAKANO by SEIKO TOKIO In excellent condition. Delivered with box and instructions in Spanish. Standard card size: 54 x 86 x 5 mm. (Width x Height x Depth). Weight: 40 gr. Liquid crystal display of the nematic type. Uses CR-2025 3V lithium coin cell, not supplied. The metronome has four touch points with the following functions: • MODE: Change function. • START /STOP: Sounds and silences the metronome. Change the tempo and rhythm. • UP: Speeds up the tempo and increases the rate of the beat. • DOWN: Slows down the Tempo and decreases the frequency of the Rhythm. pressing MODE; for two seconds, the appliance turns off. Pressing again, a number appears on the screen indicating the frequency of the Tempo. With UP and DOWN you can increase or reduce this frequency, between 30 and 240 blows per minute. If you hold it down, the figure changes rapidly. Now press MODE, and under the word Beat a number appears, which indicates the beats of the RHYTHM. You can choose between 0 and 6, pressing UP and DOWN. By pressing MODE again, the word LOCK appears on the screen. It means that the UP and DOWN buttons do not work, so the Tempo and Rhythm are maintained as they have been chosen, and with START / STOP, it is played or silenced at will. Manufactured by “Seiko Instruments Inc” in Tokyo / Japan. It is a renowned manufacturer that uses its cutting-edge technology to be the first of its kind to produce a wide variety of products in the fields of communications and audio. In addition to being the world's leading manufacturer of wristwatches, it also develops and manufactures a wide range of revolutionary products, from consumer items such as electronic dictionaries and portable digital assistants to commercial products such as computer peripherals, electronic components, measuring equipment and analysis, intelligent robots and even timing devices at world-renowned sporting events. All launched products are characterized by the requirement with precision and quality.