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Cubase Pro 12 (Full Steinberg Licensing)
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Cubase Pro 12 (Full Steinberg Licensing) Steinberg Cubase Pro 12 is the latest update to one of the most renowned music production platforms in the industry, giving you all the tools you need for professional-level audio production, composition, recording, editing, and mixing, in an environment with a fast, flexible and intuitive workflow. Cubase is one of the most powerful music production software packages in the world. The wide variety of tools included allow you to create all kinds of music quickly and intuitively. This new version of Cubase 12 is packed with all kinds of virtual instruments, effects and thousands of sounds. Whether you're a professional songwriter or just starting to produce, Cubase gives you everything you need to put your musical ideas into practice. Cubase condenses decades of music software development experience into the most advanced and intuitive audio production environment available today. Cubase 12 comes with important new features and workflow improvements that make composing, recording and mixing music even easier and more creatively stimulating. From improved MIDI Remote integration to enhanced audio/MIDI editing tools and new effects, Cubase 12 will bring your creative ideas to life faster and more efficiently than ever before. Cubase 12 enters a new era with its new license management system, so you no longer need the USB-eLicenser dongle. Editing workflows have been packed with new features and key commands to help you finish your projects as quickly as possible. The last nudge grid options allow you to edit independently of the project grid. Additionally, key commands have been added to the Range Selection tool to make navigating even faster. There are also new key commands for scrolling event content, adding fades, and resizing events with fades. Cubase 12 introduces numerous features including many new tools that make the process of producing music much more inspiring, intuitive and flexible. Among the most relevant new features of this music production software, the following stand out: New in Cubase Pro 12 MIDI Remote integration: expanded mapping of external devices Improved AudioWarp: Edit your recordings even more precisely. Scale Wizard in VariAudio: edit pitch even faster. Streamlined editing workflow: Hit deadlines more easily. Convert Audio to Chords - Focus on the music 100%. Improved Logic Editor: Enjoy a more personalized experience. Raiser – Use this ultra-powerful limiter for the finishing touch. FX Modulator: Breathe new life into your sounds. Verve - A wonderfully ambient felt piano. Create Dolby Atmos: Create immersive music completely “in the box”. Native Apple Silicon: Support for the latest Macintosh computers. New license management system: You no longer need the USB-eLicenser dongle!

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