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Buy and sell second-hand records and vinyl at Sounds Market, the marketplace website for musicians and music lovers. Buying and selling vinyl and records is now easier than ever thanks to our secure payment and shipping method. Enter and discover all the vinyl and records that we currently have for sale, and not only records, but all audio PA and DJ equipment, such as turntables or DJ players, so that you can enjoy your records and vinyl on top-quality second-hand equipment from leading brands such as Technics or Pioneer.

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If you want to buy or sell vinyl or records through Sounds Market, you should know that we have an integrated secure payment method, with shipping included from the seller's address to the buyer's.

This payment method, in addition to being safe, is very practical, comfortable and easy to use. It allows refunds in the unlikely event that the instrument does not arrive in good condition at the buyer's address (you have two days to verify that the instrument is in good condition in order to process the return).